Monday, January 19, 2009


ouija boards aren't what they used to be. when i was a kid, it was darker, more sinister looking.

on a recent trip to toys 'r' us i find that it's now all pink and fluffy looking. it gives the impression that's it's great for young girls to ask if a boy likes them or not.

the box says it's a mystifying oracle complete with 72 fun things to ask. it's interesting to see how they have changed the marketing.

thanks to parker brothers many young people have dabbled in the paranormal. randy and i have experienced some pretty unnerving things when we played with ouija boards and neither of us will use one again, no matter how pink and pretty it looks.

sure, many will say it's just a game and i'm sure most of the time the planchette is moved by someone either consciously or unconsciously and not some spirit, but i still won't risk playing with it again.

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