Saturday, January 31, 2009

LACMA with gallery buddy

it was time for me and gallery buddy to do our semi annual gallery trek. this time we headed for the los angeles county museum of art (LACMA).

outside the museum is Chris Burden's Urban Light installation consisting of a crap load of salvaged street lamps. i want to do something sort of like this in my back yard one day, just not with so many. maybe i can look for old street lamps and sprinkle them though out my back yard as little pieces of art as well as having it work functionally as a light source for all those partys i like to throw. each one will be different and unique. i can't wait to start looking for salvage lamps!

There were a couple of photography exhibits including A Story of Photography: The Marjorie and Leonard Vernon Collection and the Vanity Fair Portraits: Photographs 1913–2008, but what interested me the most were the paintings this time. i finally got to see this is not a pipe by RenĂ© Magritte in person. the real thing is much more impressive than the posters and prints i've seen of it, naturally.

my favorites were the two sculptures by Richard Serra, band and sequence. they are two monumental pieces of work made entirely from metal. even moved in segments i have no idea who would take on the equally monumental task of installing these things. i liked sequence much better than band, but that's because you could walk through it.

gallery buddy got lost inside and needed to check the map... no just kidding, he didn't get lost, he manned up and asked for directions. just kidding again. it really just makes a loop, you can't get lost, but it does feel like you are walking a while inside this thing.

after the museum run, we headed for little tokyo for some curry. i usually eat at this shop right across the street from the japanese american national museum and never wandered much farther in the shopping area. there were a group of old japanese men gathered outside my little restraunt drinking beer in the afternoon. it looked so quaint and made me wish i had a place to hang out with old friends on a weekend afternoon and share a few beers and a lot of good stories. frankly, i can't think of a place i could do this at in orange county, not with that kind of small neighboorhood atmosphere. everthing around me is so... commercial.

this time we did wander around the shopping area came across a little place near the center called joy mart restaurant (sounds like "engrish" already doesn't it?). the restaurant serves sushi and has a sake bar. i felt like having some sashimi and a bottle of beer, so in we went. the atmosphere was quite cozy, a good place for a first date or a nice dinner with some buddies. THEY SERVE PLUM WINE!!!!! THEY SERVE PLUM WINE!!! i've been a sucker for plum wine since james introduced me to it. i ordered an entire bottle hoping to get gallery buddy to share some with me, but he just stuck to a single beer because he had to drive. darn, i guess i was going to have to finish the bottle myself. after two plates of salmon sashimi and half a bottle of the wine i was feeling kind of tipsy, so we decided to head home.

i wish there was a quiet place like that close to where i live. i would be there all the time. i'm just not into loud bars and clubs anymore. call me strange, but i like not having to yell at someone three inches away from to in order to have a conversation.

all in all, i had a great day with a great friend, great food, and great conversation. when are we going out again gallery buddy?

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