Friday, January 16, 2009

A Message to Photo Students

make it a point to understand photography - NOT PHOTOSHOP, the real basics of photography. learn the rules of lighting, exposure, and composition; then utilize photoshop to enhance your images.

learn to use the manual settings on your camera and learn what those settings control. to tell you the truth, i use automatic exposure and automatic focus about 80% of the time, but i understand the limits. what matters is that i know what to do for the other 20% when "auto" fails and that makes all the difference.

learn composition. learn what leads the eye to what you want it to see.

learn lighting. photography is drawing with light. it's important to know how the direction and quality of light can dramatically change what your subject looks like.

photoshop is an amazing tool and using it effectively requires a certain amount of skill on it's own, i will not argue; however, being a great retoucher and a great photographer are not the same thing.

which do you want to be?

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